ASL Sign Language Interpreter Position 


Jan 2019



  • Possesses adequate Interpreting skills. NAD and RID Certification preferred but Not Required, Satisfactory interpreting skill will need to be demonstrated.

  • Have knowledge of the needs and culture of the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Have the ability to sign in ASL, with appropriate use of facial expressions

  • Have strong voice interpreting skills, can interpret what is being said by the deaf audience

  • Interpreter must be able to interpret for up to two hours without break

  • Pass WSP and/or national background check as determined by the United Methodist Church Regional office and MUMC screening guidelines


  • In the case of a planned absence the interpreter staff liaison must be informed two weeks prior to the absence. If possible the Interpreter will help the staff liaison find a suitable substitute

  • The Interpreter will arrive 10 minutes prior to Service/Event and stay shortly after to interpret if needed, and help church members in communicating with the deaf/hard of hearing church members.

  • Use signs and locations preferred but the Deaf members and the Pastor. Be flexible to accommodate changes in in church services.

  • Interpreter must be willing to assist in Pastoral Counseling situations and maintain confidentiality when appropriate

  • Interpreter must adhere to the National Assoc.  of the Deaf (NAD and the registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. [Rid] ) code of Professional Conduct

  • Interpreter must demonstrate ability to interpret the different parts of  a worship service; songs, prayers, sermons, Bible readings, and announcements


Hours are scheduled by the Pastor and the SPC. Requests for time off must follow the  MUMC Employee Handbook and be approved by the  SPRC Liaison in advance, In the case of illness the SPRC Liaison must be informed as soon as possible before the scheduled shift



Compensation is determined by the SPRC and the Finance Team with normal FICA and Federal Taxes withheld from each check

Sick leave is accrued at the rate of 1 hour per 40 hours worked, in compliance with Washington State Paid Sick Leave 

To apply  reply with Email containing resume and cover letter to

Manito United Methodist

1-509 747-4755

P.O. Box 8656

3220 S. Grand Blvd

Spokane, WA 99203

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