As a community of faith, our congregation is called upon to grow in our spiritual lives. Manito community members do that by taking part in Sunday School classes, Small Groups or by engaging in our Children and Youth Ministries. 


Class One 

Meets on Zoom. This class focuses on the scripture texts that will be read during Sunday morning worship. During their meeting, the class will look at the various translations of the text, the setting and the time the text was written.

The class discussion focuses on the questions the texts may have raised, what it means to the members of the class and what these texts might mean for the way people of faith live their lives today. 



EXPLORATIONS OF FAITH meets in Room 108, the Memorial Lounge. 

This morning study is focused on learning about the foundations and origins of our faith.

By studying the peoples and times of the biblical era, and the development of the church and its scriptures, the class can develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of how our faith came to be, and its place in the world.

Study topics have included the evolution and history of Judaism and Christianity, notable figures in the church’s creation, and other prominent religions and their interactions with Christianity.  Through a combination of visual and written materials and class discussion, the class probes the meaning and role of the Christian religion.


There are several Small Group opportunities offered throughout the year at Manito. If you are interested in being placed in a small group please contact the church office. 



Our Children's Ministry offerings are currently on hold due to COVID-19

Manito UMC offers nursery care each Sunday during their adult Sunday school classes, which run from 9:15 a.m.-10:15 a.m., as well as their 10:30am worship service.


In addition to a staffed nursery for younger children, the worship service also includes a Children's Moment and Sunday school classes for older kids.



Our Youth Ministry is for all 6th -12th grade students. Youth Group meets during the school year.

Our Youth Ministry seeks to provide a safe and fun space for our students to grow in their faith and relationship with each other.


Whether you're new or have been attending for years, the Newcomer's Class is the place where you can learn more about Manito UMC and ask questions.

This class offers an introduction to the history of the church as well as its current mission and ministries. If you have been wondering about how to get more involved at the church, what membership in this community looks like, then this class is for you! 

If you would like to join in on one of our Newcomer's classes please contact the church office to let them know.