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We are proud to continue our work with the Y Learning Academy. 


The YMCA is doing what they can to support this challenge.  Staff are ready to assist your child with daily school work as well as ensuring they are participating in their online activities. 


Across the community we have four locations of Y Learning Academies to support your family.  To provide the safest environment possible, we have created a pod structure.  This allows children and staff to remain working as a smaller unit where social distancing and contact tracing are a high priority.  I have included a couple photos taken while we were setting up preparing for programming. 


Y Learning Academy flyer-page-001.jpg

With the school districts having different start dates, we have been able to have a "soft" successful start.  Response from parents and children have been positive for what we have been able to provide to their family.  Even last night a parent shared with me in an email that her almost 10 year old thinks "it's AWESOME"!


So if you find yourself struggling with working, either remotely or leaving the home, and supporting the distance learning your child is faced with this year, please take a moment to look over the attached flyer and registration form.  Valley, Central and North are all licesned programs and are able to accept third party assistance.  We also have YMCA Financial Assistance available for those that qualify.  Feel free to share with friends and co-workers in need of similar support.  Space is limited.


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