Multi-Media Coordinator

12 hours/week; competitive pay; must be able to work on Sunday mornings.

PURPOSE: To provide audio-visual and other multi-media experiences for church members, visitors and members of the community .

This position reports to the Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee

Responsible for multi-media ministry of the church, including sound board, projectors, cameras, recording and editing software.
Provides technical expertise and team leadership for all the church’s audio and visual needs relating to worship;
Responsible for creation and execution of video presentations;
Supervises sanctuary audio-visual systems, live-streaming, and audio-visual volunteers;
Other duties as assigned.

The Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee expect this person will:
1. Use clear and timely communication;
2. Work productively with coworkers, volunteers, church patrons, community members, and guests;
3. Be punctual and maintain good attendance;
4. Be flexible and able to adapt to changes when they come up; and
5. Be kind.

1. Required:
College or technical school courses, or equivalent experience, in A/V production;
Experience working with a variety of audio, video, and media equipment;
Video editing skills and experience with editing software;
Experience with live-streaming programs and techniques;
Strong communication and leadership skills;
Successful completion of a background check and completion of Safe Sanctuary class within 90 days of hiring.

2. Preferred:
Graphic design experience; experience coordinating and overseeing volunteers;
Familiarity with the work of a local church congregation;
Theological comfort with a progressive United Methodist understanding of God and church;
Web site maintenance and development, and social media skills.

Software usage will include but is not limited to: windows-based video editing software, MS PowerPoint, Adobe graphic programs (or similar packages), Canva, Wix and Pro-Presenter. Hardware usage will include the installed video cameras and switching equipment, and windows-based computers.